Sunday, October 14, 2012

TB is a Jeff Dunham fan

Okay, so. We're watching crap on the DVR.  Real TV is still on ESPN because TWH watched LSU beat South Carolina last night.  Anyway, we are in between shows and ESPN is playing NASCAR.

TB looks up from whatever he's doing on his phone and says "Oooooooooo..... Racing". Then, in a true geeky moment he quotes Bubba J.  "They're making a left turrrrrrn!!"

Yep, we love us a grown man playing with puppets in this house.

TWH one day hopes to be as grumpy and assoholic as Walter one day.

He's dreaming big guys.  Dreaming. Big.


  1. We love Jeff Dun-ham...LOVE. He is oft quoted around here, mostly "SILENCE! I keeeeell you..." because we mostly want to kill each other. Plus, it's a little known fact that I was totally the inspiration for Walter (except the being a man part. Jeff made that up. To protect my identity I reckon) as I am the definition of a Grumpy Assoholic. You can Google it....

    1. Here's hoping all the nose & ear hair were added to further protect your identity!! We love us some Jeff-fa-fa Dun-HAM here at the Mouthy house.


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