Monday, November 14, 2011

I Don't Need to Know.

Okay, so.  I realize Facebook is a place for people to connect, or reconnect, or whatever but some of the shit folks share on here is absolutely appalling. For example, I, along with all the other super-lucky folks on their friends lists, got to watch a marriage implode. There were daily relationship status changes, pissy video postings, cryptic status updates that meant nothing to anyone but their soon-to-be- former spouse. I don't even feel bad writing about it because it's all there, in black and white, for the whole world to see.  (Side note: Going from "In a relationship" or "Married" to "It's complicated" is for assholes and wussies. Just nut up and say you're single already.) I've also seen someone else blow another person's business all over their page. Really??  I don't need to know this shit!!  P.S. What kind of friend does that make YOU that they tell you their tale of woe in confidence and YOU post it all over their page??  Feel better about your own life now??  I know it sounds like I'm bitching about FB as a whole. I'm not, really. I love FB. I'm as big a FB junkie as the next person. I will probably get "Un-friended" by the folks who see this and don't appreciate my commentary. Oh. No. Wait. Come back...  Whatever.  I view that kind of like I viewed those crazy bitches on Springer who would go on National Television, air ALL their nasty business, then start screaming "You don't know me!!  Why you all up in MY business anyways?!?!".  Ummmmm... because you put it out there for me to comment on maybe??  I'm just guessing here...  I have been making GREAT use of the "Hide" button on my newsfeed. Maybe once all the  Wussies & whiners dump me, my news feed won't be so fucking depressing.  BONUS!!


  1. Some people aren't so bright. What is really frightening is when it is a blood relative. ;)

  2. BWWAHAHA "nut up"
    As usual - spot on!
    OK - you aren't going to rant off on me for using the term, "spot on" are ya?
    Julie U

  3. Julie, I LOVE the term "Spot on". I actually got to use "Cock it up" this weekend. My giddiness was great.

    Denise, Fambly is it's own special set of problems. Lol!!

  4. I don't mind reading about people's issues to a certain extent, but I have one or two friends that just ramble on and on, posting an update that is like 300 words or more! Really?! Give us the basics and if we're interested in the gory details, we'll IM you. There is something as too much sharing. BLAH!


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