Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day

Okay, so.  I struggle with Fathers Day.  I've mentioned before that my Dad was a selfish dick who pretty much only cared about himself. I talk about him in the past tense because I haven't seen him since my MeeMaw's funeral & I haven't actually spoken to him in about 6 years. I also haven't missed him. He wasn't really present when I was a kid and he's totally MIA now.  I don't know much about being "Parented" by a loving father who imparted nuggets of wisdom & helped mold me into who I have become as an adult.  I basically look at my FB feed where everyone is praising their Dads and proclaiming the love they have for them and go "Huh".

Then I have TWH.  This man is the best I could have ever asked for in a Father for my children. He is loving, compassionate, patient, thoughtful, smart, funny, and stern when he needs to be.  He is molding our children into Good People.  He makes sure Miss A knows her worth as a young woman in today's world. A world where so many young women value themselves by what others see in them.  He has taught her that brains will ALWAYS trump beauty in the long run. That any young man who truly treasures her will truly respect her. And he's instilled just enough love of all things Geek to make her cool.

He has helped TB to become the loving, funny, sweet, compassionate young man he is today.  He has fostered his love of video games, music, AND working with his hands. He is patient with this child who so often makes it difficult to be patient with and has corrected him with both kind and stern words as the case warranted.

I have TWH's Dad to thank for the man my husband is today.  His father taught him about the kind of man he should grow up to be.

I am so profoundly grateful to these two men for showing me what Fatherhood truly is. And for showing my children too.

Thank you Tommy for raising the wonderful man I was fortunate enough to marry.

Thank you Shawn for being who you are. For providing our children with a wonderful role model. For being an all around wonderful husband, friend, support system, and good sport.

I love you more than you will ever know.


  1. And Duane for all the love you had from him when I knew you as a little girl!

    1. Duane gave me the greatest hugs as a kid!! He was as he always made me feel loved unconditionally!!

      I have to give credit to Robert D too. He was one of the people who tried to show me MY worth as a young woman.

  2. Your post started off so sad, but sure ended with all of the reasons why you love Father's Day! :)

    1. I am still kind of befuddled by Fathers Day. I do love the men who exemplify Fatherhood for me though.


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