Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Universe Loves Me... Part 2

Okay, so. I said in my earlier post, TWH was out of town this week.  We usually have lunch together a couple of times a week while T hits the gym.  Since I was Lunch-dateless this week, I called my friend Lann to stand in.
At around 10 this morning, Lann calls me to tell me he had to "Run to the courthouse" (He's a Sheriff's Deputy).  An hour or so later I texted him to see how things were going. He texted me back to tell me he was gonna be a little longer than he thought.  An hour later, he's still at the courthouse. An hour after that, he's STILL at the courthouse & there's no end in sight.
By this time, I'm pretty sure my insides had begun to eat themselves.
That's when it happened.
The Universe sent me a pizza.
A Large, half-cheese, half-pepperoni, piping hot, disc of cheesey, yummy, goodness.
So I texted my friend.
"The pizza place across the street just sent over a freebie pizza"
"I totally caved & ate some"
"The upside is, there's pizza here whenever you get done"

He finally showed up around 3 to get a haircut.  He apologized profusely & we decided to do it another day.

So now I have a lunch date with one of my favorite friends AND I got free pizza.

The universe loves me!!


  1. um, how did you get a free pizza?! they just SENT one? Pizza is my favorite food. YUM.

    1. Yep. One of the employees from the pizza joint across the street just wandered in with a large pizza. They do that a couple of times a year. The sandwich shop sends over sandwiches sometimes too. Just because. It's awesome.


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