Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello, I'm Bitchy McBitchypants

Okay, so. I am currently hiding in my bedroom writing this. Mainly because my laptop stays in the living room. On the coffee table. So I have no real place to write. Obviously, the Dawgs don't give a shit about whether or not I'm writing because one will merrily bite my fingers as I type and the other will just bark at me incessantly.  The Human types aren't often a whole lot better.  So I haven't been writing. And it's making me cranky.

Not to say that's the ONLY thing that's making me cranky. Since the beginning of June, I have made 2 (8 hour) trips to Austin, TX. I have pulled up floors in 2 bathrooms & repainted one of them. I have gone up to see the In-Laws. Aaaaaaaannnnnnnddddd.... We're leaving for Florida.  In between all of this I have struggled (unsuccessfully) to keep up with the house, the laundry, & various appointments.

Now, I felt a great deal of accomplishment at getting the floors & walls taken care of.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trips to Austin to visit both of our families.  We're currently looking into moving there.

I can't wait to go to Florida.  I love the beach.

I just haven't stopped much this month and it's making me tired.  Couple that with the fact that TWH is out of town (again).  Which is voluntary on his part (again).  Which means I'm doing EVERYTHING here for a few days (again).

Throw that ALL together, toss in some PMS for good measure and you've got the perfect recipe for One Cranky Mama.

I'm gonna take the first opportunity I get to sleep in my own bed on a Sunday and SLEEP IN.  I pity the fool who disturbs my slumber...


  1. Sleep - Hopefully, you can get a day when you can take your laptop and sit in bed all day sipping beverages, eating snacks, and writing (with the dogs asleep at your feet).
    You forgot to mention you did all that AND you work!
    Wait until you hit menopause - it'll be constant insanity (yours) - You do survive it, but it's going to be a bumpy ride.

  2. Menopause!! So much to look forward to!!

  3. Erm... I hope you don't mind but I've kind of "tagged" you for a blog award: Here's the link...
    I hope this O.K. ... If you rather not; it's totally cool. I just wanted people to see you have a great blog...

    P.S. Oh. My. Godness. I totally get this post... I am sooooooooooooo cranky/suffer with withdrawl if I don't write...It's my only 'me' time! (Did you get to sleep in?!)

  4. Bitcy McBitchpants - so stealing this and may even let my kids call me this! Dumbfuckery is still one of my all time favorite words and I even let the kids use it sometimes because they ALWAYS use it in the right context and at the exact right moment!

    1. I also call TB "Stinky McStinkerton" when he's being particularly butt-headed. I LOVE Dumbfuckery!! Glad the kids can use swear words well. Context & timing are everything!!

  5. Ugh, I hate that feeling of being gone all the time, and being rushed and feeling BEHIND. It's so hard to keep up just normally! Blah.

    1. We're home for the first weekend in a month & we're mouth-breathing happily.


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