Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why Yes...

Okay, so.  At work, I am usually the one who answers the phone. I'm not exactly sure how or when this duty fell to me primarily but it has. I also do most of the bathroom scrubbing, sweeping, straightening, sign making & mail sorting. I use all this to my advantage on Secretaty/Executive Assistant Day & guilt T into a free meal so don't think I'm complaining.
Anyways, typically right before & after a big Holiday or Vacation we get about 50 gajillion phone calls with people wanting to know the following:
Are you open??
Are you both working??
What time do you close??
Have you/when are you gone/going to lunch??
Are you busy right now??

I can answer these questions civilly up until about lunch. Depending on when lunch is.  Recently, right before a major Holiday, lunch didn't happen until about 2PM or so. To say I was getting a little cranky before would be understating it somewhat. I had my head down and was going balls-to-the-wall cutting hair when the phone rang. I answered like THIS:
"T's Barber Shop. Yes we are open. Yes we are both working. Yes we are busy. No, we haven't gone to lunch. No, I have no idea when we're going to lunch AND we close at FIVE. Is there anything I failed to cover??"
To his credit, the client on the other end of the line responded with "Nope. That pretty much answered all of my questions. I'll see you later."
All the clients who were IN the shop at the time were laughing their asses off.
T was NOT amused.
Not even a little.
He kind of fussed me.


He was telling this story later that day as an example of my insolent behavior.
It just so happens the client I said all that to was sitting in the shop waiting for a haircut. He spoke up and said:
"That was me who called. I found her answer to be extremely helpful & concise. She answered all my questions BEFORE I even asked them".

HA!!!  Suck on THAT!!

Now T tells that story as an example of my insolent behavior & how I get away with it.
And as a cautionary tale to some of our newer clients that I haven't broken in good yet.

T often fails to appreciate my genius.


  1. It's your stunning good looks, that innocent look in your eyes, your wit, and your being a giant metal chicken owner that give you the non-offensive delivery of whatever you want to say.
    T is a lucky barber shop owner.

  2. New follower here. That is hilarious. I love your dry, kind of stick-it-to-em sense of humor!

  3. Just wanted to give you the heads up.. The abuser and his followers are stalking your page now.. Who knows why and I apologize if you receive any anon. rude comments. Luv U girl!

    1. Meh. Let 'em give it their best shot. They won't be the first bunch of people to be ugly to me. They probably won't be the last. Don't worry about it. You have no control over someone else's crazy so no need to apologize. Luv U Too Hunny!!

  4. bahaha awesome. I mean, it really makes sense to be efficient like that, right?! And, it's all about the TONE, really.


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