Monday, July 16, 2012

Rainstorms & Rainbows

Okay, so.  Yesterday, TWH & I spent the ENTIRE DAY on the sofa watching stuff on Netflix & not doing Jack Shit.  We're recovering from basically the whole month of June where we didn't spend even one weekend at home in our own bed.  We were being lazy slackasses & enjoyed every damn minute of it.

Anyway, at one point during the afternoon, it clouded up outside for our daily thunderstorm & the house got all gloomy. Now, we didn't have any lights on & since we weren't doing Jack Shit, there were going to be no lights turned on as that would require actual effort.  I made some inane comment along othe lines of "Here comes our daily rain". TWH looks at me and says "I can barely see you there on the other end of the sofa. Where'd you go??"  I lifted up my shirt to show him my boobs and asked "Can you see me now??"(because I'm all classy like that) to which TWH responded "Oh look!! A rainbow!!".  I laughed & told him if I ever broke down & got a tattoo it'd be a rainbow across my boobs.  Hell, maybe I'd get one over each boob. Then I'd have a DOUBLE rainbow!!

Oooooohhhhhh...  A Double Rainbow....

TWH wasn't on board with that so much.


  1. Somewhere over the rainbow....way up high....BWWHAHAHAHAA

  2. hehehehehe. A moment to cherish forever.


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