Thursday, July 19, 2012

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Okay, so. Most days, TWH & I ride into work together. When I pick him up in the afternoons, we exchange the usual pleasantries. Among those is "How was your day??" TWH will usually add "Anything interesting happen today??". My typical answer is "Not really". I'll throw out a tidbit or two but it's never anything truly noteworthy. Let's face it, Not every week is a Chicken Shit Husband kinda week.  Today, however, I had something to tell.

TWH: So, how was your day??  Anything interesting happen??

Me: I almost accidentally said Twat at work today. There was that.

TWH: You almost said WHAT??

Me: Twat.

TWH:  How do you "Accidentally" say that??

Me: A client & I were discussing Game of Thrones & how Sansa seems to have the worst decision making skills in the history of EVER. (SPOILER!!)  Even when she was given the opportunity to leave King's Landing, she chose to stay.  I told him I was all like "You stupid Twaaa...TWIT!!".

TWH: Anybody buy that??

Me: Not really. They've met me.

TWH: Anybody say anything??

Me: No.

TWH: Then they couldn't have been surprised.  I can't believe they'd expect anything less at this point.

Me: Is that Good or Bad

TWH: Yes.

Yes is his go-to blanket answer he gives when he knows there is Potential for Pouting. He will neither deviate from or elaborate on his answer.

I usually end up pouting anyway.  Mostly because somehow, somewhere, in that "Yes" I'm supposed to be mildly insulted.  I think...


  1. Good story... My husband usually tries to agree with the other side of the story when I have an issue with someone. Then I assume I am a bad person for discussing the issue in the first place. Then he replies Im not sticking up for them I am just pointing things out....whatever I say and pout:-(

    1. TWH used to do that. He's realized it's not the... "Healthiest" thing to do so he stopped.

  2. I am your newest friend/follower OH you lucky gal you! As soon as I read the line "not really they've met me" I knew we would be fast friends HA I have way to many of those moments and I too seem to wonder why the husbands asks how it was taken? How else can it be I am me and well sometimes I just blurt it all out & then look around the room with that "um what seems to be the problem, do I have something on my face?" Love this post :}

    1. I have that same reaction too. The "What?? Did I do something??"

  3. Replies
    1. That SO just became your blanket answer didn't it??

  4. lol. I said "fuck" in a job interview. I never got the job.

  5. But Sansa IS such a stupid twat. Seriously!! I cannot wait for the next season...


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