Friday, July 13, 2012

Things I Should NOT Have to Say.

Okay, so.  Things I should NOT have to say.

To The Crackhaid Dawg: No, I am NOT scratching your ass.

To The Little Dawg: Dammit, stop biting me on my ass.

To TB: I put "Do Laundry" on today's chore list like you asked me to.

I love TB and the Dawgs, but really... Enough already.

I'm considering hiding in my closet with a pie and some vodka.

Except I'm on a diet because I'm at Full-Term Pregnancy weight AND I'M NOT PREGNANT.

And neither of those things is on my diet.

Somehow hiding in the closet with a six pack of sugar free Jell-o and a bottle of water doesn't have the same comforting ring to it.

Le SIGH....


  1. MiMi's a funny lady and because you follow her, I've left an award for you on my post. Come by and pick it up.

  2. Plus all those jello containers make a mess those little plastic cups all over the closet, a pie is one thing to throw away I hate the plastic little cups ugh hey what kind of pie are we talking anyway? You know that they make whip cream flavored vodka right it would totally go with pie LOL

  3. bahaha no. jello and water are NOT the same as pie and all. I say go for the real stuff!


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