Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Have a Theory

Okay, so.  I have a theory T may be a Test From God.  I may be failing.

Take yesterday, for example. It was slow in the shop. T decides to watch a movie on his phone. While he is watching said movie, he is providing running commentary. "No. Oh no!! Don't do THAT!!"  "Oh. He's just DEAD..."  It went on.....  And on....  Aaaaannnddddd ON.   He was wearing his headphones y'all. I couldn't hear shit about the movie BUT his running commentary!!

Amazingly, I held my tongue. I just gritted my teeth & kept reading Game of Thrones. (I HATE Jeoffrey & Cersei)

Later T was reading People magazine.  I was reading my book.  T begins commenting ON THE STUFF HE'S READING!!  Oh. Dear. God!!

I begin responding. "I read that."  "I read that too."  "AND that."  Finally my eye began to twitch & I HAD to say something.
"I've read it. I've read the whole damned magazine.  I have already seen everything contained in between the covers of that magazine. I do not NOW nor will I EVER require your running commentary on a magazine. Or a movie. Or anything. Really. So for fuck's sake WILL YOU STOP!!"

He got vewwy vewwy quiet after that.

I kinda apologized later. I just felt like THIS all day yesterday...

And he was stepping ALL OVER my last nerve!!

I probably owe him some Reeses Cups or something...


  1. I have never figured out in those situations how others can be so damn stupid and I am so smart - we must be just alike - both smart and everyone else just dumbasses!!!!

  2. That's why I quit watching the so-called news - I kept yelling at the tee vee - it was even annoying me!

    1. I haven't watched the news in 3+ years for just that reason.


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