Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Son Is About To Be A Teenager. His Days Are Numbered

Okay, so. My son (TB) is about to be a teenager. I'm finding that the closer he gets to being a teenager, the less cute I find him. Don't get me wrong, I still adore him all day every day. He is my youngest child and the only one living with me. He's just getting to be a bigger pain in the ass than he was when he was three. Take personal hygiene for example. I stuck my head in his room to tell him he needed to get a shower. Here's about how that conversation went.
Me: Hey, when you get done making your bed, you need to get a shower
TB: What!?!?!  Why!?!?!  I barely did anything anything today!!
This, sadly, is true.  His Dad and I were outside working while he stayed in his room playing a video game he picked up yesterday. I'm not complaining. He typically does chores with the minimal whining, he's an Honor Roll student, and he busts his ass on the soccer field. He deserves a lazy day every now and again. The Shower Argument, however, is NIGHTLY. As in Every. Fucking. Night. It's not like this is a surprise. I expect him to get in the shower and wash his ass every night no matter WHAT he did all day. I'm funny that way. Go figure.  After I took a breath and closed my eyes, I responded with the only thing I KNEW would make him quit arguing.  My response is as follows:
Me: Son, YOU CAN SMELL LIKE ASS WHETHER YOU DID ANYTHING OR NOT!!  Yep, I told my kid he smelled like ass. What can I say??  I have no filter...


  1. I don't have kids, but teach high school students. Once he finds a girl he likes....he'll be all about the showers. So...might want to enjoy these days lol.

  2. amorninggrouch, I am DREADING the day!! Lol!!

  3. This is one of those deals that will balance out, too. As they get older and we "like" them less, some of the things they say will have meaning that stays with us forever. And, amorninggrouch has a very good point, once girls enter the picture, the showers increase to several...daily. Just as bad in its own way!


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