Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Thursday Coulda Been Better

Okay, so. We now have Wordless Wednesday & WTF Friday so I figure my Thursday coulda been better. Let's start with work, shall we?? It began, as always, with me getting there first. I did the usual opening up routine and and began the work day. Fast forward to about 10:30. Had a client come in and ask for a flattop. I gave him one and HE FREAKED THE HELL OUT!!  I'm talking full-on-panic-mode-almost-got-to-see-a-grown-man-cry Freakout with a capital "F". Seriously!?!?!  I'm a barber. I cut your hair. I don't help you with your deep breathing while you come to grips with the fact that you may have made a boo-boo. It turned out okay. He liked it when I was done with it. Yay.  I continue on with my morning. Cutting Marines hair (it's a drill weekend) until it's time to close up for lunch.  I call TWH & tell him to head over to the shop. He picks me up & we head downtown to pick up Cirque de Soleil tickets and grab some lunch. Downtown is a freaking madhouse. Overlooking the fact that it's downtown & things are usually a little crazy, it was HollyDays. Wheeeee!!  HollyDays is some Junior League annual shopping thingy that I've never participated in BECAUSE I WORK; and this shindig is geared at other Junior League types who don't. This means no tickets today because we can't even get close to the ticket office. Soooooooooo.... We go to lunch. We go to the restaurant and seat ourselves as instructed. Our perky, young, waitress comes by to take our drink orders. And promptly disappears.  After about 20 minutes or so, she reappears and asks us if we're ready to order. We order wraps & soup (this is a thing) and she disappears again. About 10 minutes later, she reappears to tell TWH they're out of soup. We STILL have no drinks. Perky Waitress looks at out table & says "Oh hey!! I never brought your drinks!!  My bad!!" and she scampers off  then reappears shortly with our drinks. She was never seen again. Food comes, we eat, I use the menu & my phone to calculate the bill & tax, I put money on the table we leave. I took an hour and a half for lunch. We went 10 minutes away from my work & I got back with about 5 minutes to spare. You do the lunch math.  Soooooooooo.....  I get home. There's a frozen lasagna on the stove for me to make for dinner. It's gonna take 80 minutes. I put it in, set the timer for the correct first-stage time (it's a frozen dinner with a multi-step cooking process. I'm already out of my depth here) and go play with Pinterest.  The timer beeps & I move on to phase two, set the timer, and go about my business. A little while later, I go to check on dinner. Only to find the oven was off. I'd apparently set the "Turn the oven off" timer the first time. Shit. I re-start the oven, re-set the timer and sit down to write this rant. Next week, we're having pb&j. That's in my cooking scope of capabilities. Like I said, my Thursday coulda been better.


  1. I sure hope tomorrow is a better day for you! And I'm sorry that some of your day gave me the giggles.

  2. Hah. Definitely can relate to those kinds of days. Good thing pizza is so amazingly delish - can always just order that up in a pinch!

  3. Jo, glad I made you giggle.
    AMGrouch, the meal was edible. Barely.


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