Monday, October 24, 2011

This Is a Rant

Okay, so. Like the title says, this is a rant. Plain and simple. It may end up being more of a badly punctuated, run-on sentence than usual. Along with the extra usage of the word "Fuck".  I'm just telling ya up front. Here we go....

Okay, so. Remember a few months ago, I tweeted and/or Facebooked about how the a/c in my Jeep (Miss Scarlett) went out and how that was REALLY a big deal because I live in South Louisiana and we're Hell Adjacent and it's hot-as-balls here starting anywhere from March to June and continuing through about Christmas??  Well, I took Miss Scarlett in to the dealership to have the a/c repaired. They kept her for nearly a week than let me ransom her out for a mere $1600.  I got her home and discovered that they'd not put the dash back correctly, there were some wires preventing me from opening the glove compartment all the way and there was a strange rattling coming from under the steering column.  On top of that (and this moved me to TEARS), they either lost or stole a little gold angel that my Miss Amber had found out on the playground and given me when she was about three. I have driven with it in my car ever since and considered it my lucky charm. Those bastards.  Anyways, I had my windshield replaced and the glass guy was sweet enough to pop my dash back together. It probably took all of about 30 seconds. 30 seconds the dealership obviously couldn't spare.  Fast forward a few months to our first cool morning. I discover my heater doesn't work. Now, while we're Hell-Adjacent, when it gets cold, it gets COLD!!  I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that it's 800% humidity all the time, every damn day.  Needless to say, heater is GOOD.  So, we take Miss Scarlett do a different dealership this time and give them a list of the things we'd like them to check out.  We left them TWH's cell number and went on out merry way.  This afternoon, TWH calls me to tell me the dealership had called with their findings. He began with "Oh my fucking GOD!!". If you know TWH, this is SO not a good sign. Than he proceeds to tell me everything the actual Jeep dealership had found. #1: The wires around the glove compartment had clips and belonged nowhere near the glove compartment. #2: There are two thingys that make the heater work. Those dickheads didn't even bother to connect one and BROKE the other one. Nice. #3: (And this is the biggie) The rattling from under my steering column was a loose (as in unplugged) wire that went to something AND THE CLAMP THAT HELD MY STEERING WHEEL TO THE STEERING COLUMN. Yep, Those lazy, incompetent, rotten fucking sons of bitches put my fucking steering column back together so poorly that the STEERING WHEEL could have COME OFF IN MY HANDS WHILE I WAS DRIVING.  This pisses me off more than I can even begin to put into words. Not just the incompetence but the fact that their incompetence put my family and me in danger.  Jesus God in Heaven. My Jeep is a 4 wheel drive and has a high-roll risk if I lose control for any reason. Like say, the steering column fell the fuck apart while I was whizzing down the interstate taking my daughter back to her Dad in Mississippi. Or taking TB to a soccer game. Or while TWH was using it to go get doughnuts on a Sunday morning.  And now I am so horrified and pissed off that I'm fucking crying like a baby. Shit.  The sad part is that other than taking Miss Scarlett to a dealership whose employees actually have a clue about what they're doing and typing this rant, it's been long enough that I can't even really go to the dealership I took my car to in the first place with my grievance and it have any merit. There will be no compensation.  I will take solace in the fact that things were caught in time to prevent any injury or (God Forbid) loss of life and I will never, ever, EVER go back to that dealership again. I can do that. And I can hope that one day I'll get the opportunity to tell them all to Eat Shit And DIE. I'm not much of a grudge holder. Mainly because it looks like a lot of work and I'm basically lazy but this... THIS I can hold on to for awhile. Maybe not forever, but at least until my stomach stops hurting at the thought of what could have been.  Is it possible to be pissed off and thankful at the same time??  Looks like I'm gonna find out...

Rant update. I took my car to a certified Jeep dealership this time around.  They met me at my car with a clipboard and took notes about EVERY concern I had.  They called TWH in a timely fashion without us having to call them at 4:30 asking questions. They fixed EVERYTHING they found and documented what they needed to repair AND what they did to fix it.  They charged us a reasonable fee and had my car ready by Tuesday afternoon.  Miss Scarlett is mine again and she runs beautifully.  Next week, I'm going to take the paperwork from the Jeep dealership to the dealership that did the "work" before and have them pull their records. We are going to compare notes and I am going to explain to them why they will never see another penny in business from us. I may even work in "Eat  Shit and DIE". We'll see. If they won't discuss things with me, then I'm going to start at the BBB and go from there.  Thanks so much for your concern & suggestions. You guys ROCK!!!


  1. you need to call dealership number one and report what all they did to the dealership manager, along with writing a letter of complaint to jeep international telling them what a jeep service department did. you will be compensated, if they find out that you are complaining to the people who grant them dealerships and take away dealerships.

  2. Oh, I'd also contact the Better Business Bureau and I'm sure the LA Atty General has a consumer affairs office to contact as well. Get everything documented from the current repair shop.


  3. At the very least, you can file a complaint with the BBB. Sorry you have to deal with this crap. :)

  4. I actuall have a client who works in the Atty General's ofice. I may give him a call and go from there, along with calling the BBB and Jeep Corporate. Thanks guys!!

  5. That was supposed to be "actually". Good Grief!! I can type an ENTIRE blog post but my tweets & comments look like I need to return to elementary school!! Lol!!

  6. Jesus?! What the fuck? Glad you didn't find out the hard way....and good luck finding a better auto maintenance place!

  7. If this had happened to me, I would have gone to the dealership and asked for the general manager of the dealership. I would then have explained everything that happened, and asked for my money back. If he wasn't willing, I'd tell him that I had documented everything and was going to contact the BBB AND get an attorney. (He/she won't know any different) Also ask them who their boss is, and take it higher.
    You could have been killed, your child could have been killed, you lost a precious object...take this farther. I am so glad you found out the "easy" way, as opposed to the hard way!

  8. 1.Very good job ranting and typing - I am not that talented, I spell things wrong and my hands can't work as fast as my brain!
    2. THAT SUCKS - businesses like that truly piss me off - let me just tell you I will never take a jeep I own to be repaired at that dealership - even if I owned a jeep and didn't live all the way in Indiana!
    3. glad everyone is safe and Miss Scarlett is feeling better!


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