Saturday, October 15, 2011

No, Really, I NEEDED them...

Okay, so. My trip to Montana to visit my Mommy is fast approaching and I am STILL working on my wardrobe.  I have decided I am on a mission. I am going to prove that you DO NOT have to look like ass and wear Crocs just because you're about to get on a plane. I'm sorry, but I am of the opinion that sweats are acceptable in public for one of two reasons: 1-You're going to/from the gym  2-You're on the cold/flu aisle in the Pharmacy. That's it. Done.  Crocs are a different story altogether. Crocs are a footwear atrocity. WHY would you wear ugly, shapeless, latex-covered FOAM footwear??  I'll admit, I own a pair of Croc flip-flops. I wear them to the beach, to work in the yard, to slip on when I take the Crackhaid Dawg out, and on the rare occasion that I have to run to the home store in the middle of whatever home project I'm in the middle of.  TWH & I decided we all needed footwear we could easily slip on & off while we're traversing the airports. This way we can avoid holding up the line removing shoes AND I don't have to either squat down or bend over with my ass up in the air retying my shoes after going through the metal detector. I decided I NEEDED two things for our trip. Converse slip-on sneakers and a new coat. This makes perfect sense to me. Yes, I own several pairs of perfectly good flats but they're not properly broken in and the airports are BIG. It would be blister-palooza.  I need sneakers for walking. TWH always says so. So I ordered these:

Navy blue slip-on Converse. Yay!!  Now, coincidentally, I have a pair of Converse for every day of the week. BONUS!!  Now I just need a new coat. I have my eye on this adorable pea coat...  This trip has been a boon for my wardrobe!!

P.S. Those ARE NOT sweatpants. They are grey pajama pants that I shoved behind the tongue of my sneakers so they would photograph better.

P.P.S.  I love how tiny my feet look when I take a picture of them while I'm standing up. They're actually HUGE.

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