Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's Finished!!

Okay, so. In previous posts, I have talked about the shower TWH is constructing. I have referred to it as "The Project That Would Not End" and most recently, "The God Forsaken Shower". I have tweeted conversations TWH & I have had about it. Most recent being the one from this morning when TWH was bent over working on the God Forsaken Shower. Tonight, I got to USE the God Forsaken Shower!!  Yep, I actually SHOWERED in it!!  It was a beautiful thing!!  We'd been working outside and were grubby, sweaty, smelly, and generally nasty beyond belief. TWH put the shower head on, turned on the water and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!  I let TWH go first because God knows, if anyone deserves to be first in that damned thing, it was him. He took his shower, then it was my turn. I have to say, there were tears. I was so thrilled & relieved to be showering in my new shower I actually cried. Then I danced around under the water and kept calling TWH into the bathroom to watch me do stuff like shave my legs without having to plant my knee in my chest and contort myself into crazy positions. All the while singing his praises. It's finished!! It's FINISHED!!  IT'S FINISHED!!!  My joy is great!!

The Completed "God Forsaken" Shower.
The site of both laughter & tears this afternoon.

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