Monday, December 19, 2011

I. Am. SO. Dead.

Okay, so.  I had to go to the home store today for a new rake so the kids and I could rake the yard while TWH was at work.  While I was there I picked up a few Christmas things. Like I needed more.  I got some (eight) more Nutcrackers for the living room, aaannnnndddd.... some beaded garland and lights for Gwenyth.  Hey, it's Christmas week. This stuff is practically ON SALE!!  So I came home, we raked the yard, and I decorated my chicken.  THIS is why TWH is gonna kill me when he gets home.  I have to say though, she looks pretty damn good.

Gwenyth all decorated & Lit.

Me & Gwenyth

I love her so!!

Miss A, being MY daughter through & through, was, of course, on hand for the decorating & lighting of the chicken.  She takes almost as much joy in this shit as I do.  We should probably not be allowed out together unsupervised with spare time and cash any more...

Miss A with Gwenyth

She loves her as much as I do.

I am lucky to have a daughter who I can laugh with & shares my crazy sense of humor.

P.S. We drove by the house when we went to pick up the Dawgs from the groomers. We looked at Gwenyth as we passed and laughed ourselves silly. It's a thrown together half assed decorating job but it's FUNNY as HELL!!


  1. Damnit, I can't see the pictures and I waaaaant to! I'll bet your chicken looks fabulous!

  2. Yes, I am dying to see these photos, and for some reason they aren't showing up! Sounds like super fun mom and daughter time, too!

  3. That is one blinged out chicken!

  4. Gwyneth RAWKS the Christmas!


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