Friday, May 25, 2012

Boy Parts vs Girl Parts

Okay, so. TWH & I were taking our evening showers. I went first & was standing at the sink taking out my contacts, etc., when this conversation occurred.

TWH: Baby, could you go grab me a pair of underwear & put it on the counter so I don't have to traipse through the house nekkid??  (Note: This is 10ish feet)

Me: Okay. Y'know, I'm just as nekkid. Do you think TB is supposed to be LESS traumatized by THAT if he see it?? (Note: Maybe we should just shut the damn door)

TWH: Maybe.

Me: How do you figure?? At least you two have the SAME parts.

TWH: I know I  would rather see a nekkid Woman who isn't my Mother than a nekkid Man.
          And if I had to choose whether to see my Mom nekkid or my Dad nekkid, I'd rather go BLIND.

I think he hit upon a Universal Truth with that one.


  1. Hee hee, I should hang my head in embarrassment after reading this, because I have no shame in walking around my house naked. Though this is usually met with a, "my eyes! They bleeeed!" Courtesy of my spawn.

    1. Oh trust me, TB sees a LOT more of me than he'd like.

    True Dat!

  3. And yet it happens, either way. I think its inevitable that a child will see his/her parent naked/partially naked at least once in their life.. Thus all of the old people suffering from glaucoma. They all saw their parents naked. - Just my thought, the New England Journal of Medicine hasn't caught up to my way of thinking however.. ;)

  4. Hah. I have a student who talks about how his dad "drip dries" at home. He shakes his head as he says this. He doesn't seem too damaged. I think it's hilarious.


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