Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trading Up

Okay, so. Last night TWH & I were discussing how long we'd been together.

Me: We'll have been together 14 years on our "Other-versary"

TWH: 14 YEARS!! Good Lord!! It's time for me to trade you in for a younger model.

Me: OR you could just plastic surgery me up to LOOK like a younger model. It's a win-win!!

TWH: How do you figure??

Me: You wouldn't have to go through that awful breaking-in process. Also, I'm geeky enough that I get just about all of your jokes. That's not gonna come with a younger model.  I get all my shit yanked up & smoothed out.  Win-win!!

TWH: You have a point.

Me: So, plastic surgery it is!!  Woo-Hoo!!

TWH: Um... NO.  If I'm keeping ya, I'm keeping THIS version of you.

Me: Well, DAMN!!  Not even getting my eyes done??

TWH: We'll see...

I'm wearing him down!! Slowly, but still... I could be 45 with 25 year old eyes yet!!

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  1. hahaha. great response. tucking that one in my back pocket for later use (i definitely will need an eyelid tuck at some point!)


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