Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dinner and Vampires

Okay, so.  I walk in to work this morning, get all my stuff arranged, and look up at the televisions on T's side of the room to see Buffy the Vampire Slayer playing. The original movie, not the series (I am a fan of both, however).

Watching Pee-Wee Herman play in the role of flunky to a Vampire reminded me of the time the Ex and I went to see the play Dracula at a little dinner theater place not far from where we lived in Virginia.  This place was tiny, dark, & campy. The food was fair. I LOVED IT!!  My parents did community theater when I was a kid so I spent countless hours playing on, under, & behind a small stage. Not to mention running up & down the aisles & climbing over seats during rehearsals.

Anyway, you got your food before the play began and were well into your meal by the time the play started.  At intermission, the cast came off the stage and doubled as the waitstaff.

We got Renfield.

Yep, we got batshit crazy, bird & fly eating, servant of Dracula,  Renfield.  The thing about that was he was a REALLY GOOD Renfield. You totally bought that he was crazy & that he might really have flies in his pocket or something.  So while everyone else was THRILLED by having Mina, Van Helsing, Johnathan Harker, or even Dracula himself, us and the lucky attendees at about three other tables were somewhat mortified.

Needless to say, I didn't touch my dessert or my refilled drink when the play resumed.

It was just too damn creepy.


  1. LOL! That would be a bit disturbing!

  2. I would know an actor is good if they could keep my from my dessert!


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