Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lazy Parenting Fail

Okay, so.  THIS conversation is happening in my living room RIGHT NOW.

TB: Mom, why do we have to smell good??  (An obvious ploy to skip a shower)
Me: So girls will want to kiss on you.  (An obvious slackass parenting answer)
TB: No really. Why do we all have to smell good??  Why can't we all just smell bad??
ME: You mean why can't we all smell like ass??
TB: NO... Just... what if we all smelled bad?? Like, everybody. Then nobody would notice if you stunk.
ME: Because it would be nasty. And we would notice. There would be someone who smelled worse than everybody else. It would be asspocalypse. It would be cat-ass-trophic. It would be awful beyond imagining.
TWH: (Tiring of my slackass answers) It has almost NOTHING to do with whether or not you smell nice and EVERYTHING to do with health. If you're a disgusting, filthy, smelly pig and you get a cut, it will get INFECTED. You could DIE. THAT'S why we bathe. Now go finish folding your clothes & go get a shower.

TWH is always so damn reasonable.


  1. Well, ya, but your answers were ass-tronomically more entertaining,eh?

  2. Damn...he rained ALL OVER your parade. I shall roll my eyes at him.

    The captcha word is aesso. That's pretty funny, right there.

  3. Great use of the word "ass" - there is a lesson in that - always look at the glass half full!


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