Sunday, January 22, 2012

Say That Again...

Okay, so. Last night TWH & I were channel surfing when we landed on a show called "My Big Redneck Vacation".   There were a bunch of people in an RV, being followed by a couple of pickup trucks & they were headed for the Hamptons.  Y'know, the Hamptons, where the wealthy go to relax in their summer homes & "get away".  These folks were from Shreveport, Louisiana. About 40 minutes away from my tiny hometown of Minden, Louisiana.  They were doing us Louisiana natives proud, too.  At least two of the... shall we say... not tiny women made sure to pack a little black dress for going out. One of the ladies packed her two BEST going out clothes. A denim miniskirt AND a camouflage miniskirt!!  They were going to blend right in in the Hamptons.   Right before a commercial break, one of the women said "Y'all, what are we gonna do if they ain't got a Wal-Mart??".  High class all the way!!  That's when TWH looks at me and says THIS: "Oh baby. You are such a redneck."  This is the conversation that followed.

Me:  Um, WHAT??

TWH: You heard me. You're a redneck.

Me: YOU are from the SAME town I grew up in. How is it I'M the only one who's a redneck here??

TWH: I don't know you just are.

Me: Shut the hell up!! If you say that again, Imma punch you in your throat!!

See, I am SO not a redneck.


  1. bwwahaha
    Next time tell him you are going to punch him in the Thorax (sounds higher-class than throat).
    AND you are going to do it with your fist protected in a Jimmy Dale NASA beer coozy.
    *muah* Julie U

  2. ooops - I meant Nascar. Forgive me, I was born without a sport gene. I guess that means I'm just not an athletic supporter.
    *hangs head in shame* Julie U


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