Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why Is..?? Where Does....??

Okay, so.  There are things that are just NOT in my realm of question answering ability when it comes to TB. Either because I can't keep a straight face or because I refuse to answer.

Tonight's gem was brought on by my request that he do his laundry. He's almost thirteen. He can start doing this shit.

"Do pajama pants count as regular clothes or underwear??  Speaking of underwear, why do they call it 'Going Commando' if you're not wearing any??"

Can you tell TB may have a touch of ADHD??

That's something that falls into TWH's realm of expertise. Just like when TB asked about getting a stiffie.  I fled that one too.


  1. Hahahaha! Sigh. I can totally relate. Living in a house with 2 men is a real eye opener. It's amazing how much they *don't* know. Good luck girl!

  2. Stiffie....LMFAO


  3. Been there - Chris refuses to talk to the boy about any of that - I said I don't have that equipment he said well then he can learn about it on the bus like kids should!


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