Monday, January 23, 2012

The Universe Loves Me....

Okay, so.  I have mentioned before that the Universe loves me.  I occasionally get a free coffee at the drive thru "Just because" and it happens to be my favorite flavor.  Or, I'm stumbling through the Walgreens looking for some holiday Ziploc baggies and leave with a Leg Lamp.  Well, today was another exapmle. I went to the Post Office (which was, as usual, crowded as hell) to pick up a package. I see the loooonnnggg line, sigh in resignation, and take my place.  About a minute later, someone walks out of the back and asks if anyone has any certified mail they need to pick up. I start waving my little slip of paper around yelling "ME!! ME!!".  I got my package, and happily left.

On to the pediatrician to pick up TB's prescription. I walk in and there are NO cootie ridden children piled up in the waiting room.  Woo-Hoo!!  I only have to use half the amount of germ-x when I leave.

I go drop TB's prescription off at the pharmacy and on my way home I see the WEENIE Mobile!!

I need to run errands more often.  This shit is awesome!!

I come home to open my package. Giggling all the way inside.  (Because in this package lives my AWESOME Parade Shoes)  I rip off the packaging, kick off my sandals...

And step in a puddle of dog pee.

Because while the Universe loves me, It also doesn't want me getting too big for my britches.

P.S. I can't get the photo of my AWESOME shoes to upload. Because I'm a techno-dork. I'll upload one as soon as I can get TWH to help me.


  1. The universe and all the parade goers love you! Oh wait - that was redundant - we ARE the universe!
    Julie U - Can't wait to see your shoes!

  2. The puddle of dog pee, to me, would have been a very small price to pay for no line at the post office. But yeah, the Universe is big on balance and not getting too big for your britches. (LOVE this post!)


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