Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Got My FIRST Award!!

Okay, so.  I gots me an AWARD!!  Yep!! To quote Sally Field "You like me!!  You really LIKE me!!"

Anyway gave me THIS award:

Apparently,  there are RULES with this award.

1. Link back to the person who awarded you this Award.  Done.
2. Follow the blog of the person who gave you this Award. Done.
3. Proudly display this Award on your Blog. Done. (If you can see it. I'm a techno-goob.)
4. List 5 of your Favorite Things (See below)
5. Pass this Award on to 5 fellow Bloggers. (See below some more)

My Favorite Things:

1. My Fambly. They are loveable, funny, and sometimes frustrating, but they are mine and I adore them.
2. My Dawgs. They have covered my ENTIRE LIFE in fur and they bark at nothing a lot but they're my fur babies.
3. Peanut butter & jelly sammiches.  They're the perfect food. Enough said.
4. Cookies.  Nothing makes a crappy day better than just-out-of-the-oven cookies. They're good for the soul.
5. Shoes. Converse sneakers specifically. I LURVE me some Converse!!

My Fellow Bloggers:

1: Jent over at From My Front Porch.  She's a Mom & Farmwife who is completely honest about the state of her house and her idea of a "Vacation".
2: Jo over at The Bright Yellow Balloon.  She's a Mom who talks about her life with candor. I like that.
3: The Crooked Dog Blog.  This Mama took in Little Johnny. A Pittie who had a broken back, two broken back legs, and an unbroken spirit. I love reading about his progress and seeing his life as he grows.
4: Denise over at Adventures of a Jayhawk Mommy. She's a new Mommy with one of the cutest little girls I've ever seen!!
5: Dani over at Facebooking From the Edge. She may well give me a verbal Punch in the Throat for calling her blog "Cute" but I'll be damned if her Blogging about her spastic-ness isn't funny as hell!!
6: I can't help myself here. Kelly over at Excitement on the Side. She's got a new hubby, a new baby, the most level headed 7 year old on the planet and  is honest about her life with all three.

I am totally stalking these women. If you're not, you should,


  1. ... and Oblong Agenda, Jamie Carroll McGlothlin -
    I can't believe that one got by you!
    Put her on speed connect - she's hilarious and adorable.
    Love your blog and you.

  2. Make sure you post your award loud n' proud on your sidebar or something.. Let the world know you're loved, funny as shit and one of my fave bloggees! :D

  3. Hot damn! It's totally an honor to get an award from someone who's blog I love so much! THANK YOU!


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