Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Tiara & Crime

Okay, so.  TWH & I have recently discovered the show "The Finder". We're in the middle of a marathon today. This one episode has a chick who is a criminal and wears big ol' angel wings EVERYWHERE.  I look over at TWH & ask "Who wears angel wings everywhere they go if they're living a life of crime??" TWH mumbled something about my Tiara in reply. I countered with "My Tiara would totally HELP me with a life of crime. It certainly wouldn't be what kept me from escaping through an air vent.  My fat ass and my inability to run very far would prohibit my escape.  NOT my Tiara!!  My Tiara would help me escape. I could use the sparkly-ness of my Tiara to blind a motherfucker.  Angel wings, huge & easy to spot. Tiara:1 Angel Wings: 0.

Argument. Totally. Won.

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