Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Simple Answer Is the Answer I Never Consider

Okay, so. My phone was acting all crazy the other day. Nothing would load. It was running slow. I was hating it. I complained about it to TWH via text and he told me he's look at it at lunch.

We get to lunch & I'm showing TWH my phone. He fiddles with it for a few minutes then gives me the typical Computer Geek line. "Did you turn it off & turn it back on again??"  I, of course, HADN'T tried that. I was too busy complaining about my phone to actually DO anything with it. Obviously.

TWH takes my phone & within a matter of minutes has it working PERFECTLY.  He hands it back to me and I am thrilled.  "What did you do to it??" I ask, in awe of his mad phone repair skills.  "I turned it off & turned it back on again" he says, with (to his credit) a perfectly straight face.

Of course he did...


  1. My Mister does the same thing only he gloats, flails his arms about making grunting retard sounds mocking me and mumbling something about how I should get a job as a Wal-mart door greeter.. Whatev. On any given evening his dinner can be Soup At Hand, as can his sex life.. :p

  2. Lucky for me my husband is a complete moron when it comes to anything related to technology. It is me that is always fixing his crap. Men suck!


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