Saturday, February 11, 2012

I've Been a Bitch

Okay, so.  This week I've been a little under the weather.  My husband gave me the Plague (re: Upper Respiratory Infection).  On top of that, I have had raging PMS.

A couple of days ago, I tweeted "Upper respiratory infection, PMS, & bs drama. Somebody bring me a mocha & a cookie & back away slowly". I KNEW I was being a total Bitch From Hell but I COULDN'T STOP.  Didn't even know HOW. I was in the grip of my woes and I was wallowing there happily.

One night, I snapped at TWH for something petty, I'm sure. He looked at me and said "I know you're not feeling well, but you're being really.....  Cranky".

I looked at him with a COMPLETE lack of guile and said "I explained it all on Twitter".

End. Of. Story.

P.S. Someone actually found my blog by searching the keywords Twitter Roomba Everywhere Poop. Most random search EV-ER!!!


  1. You'll outgrow it. I remember those days. Not fun.
    Really! "Twitter roomba everywhere poop!" bwwhahahahaha

  2. Love your sense of humor. My husband would have gotten a smack for that one.


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