Friday, February 3, 2012

Good God, I'm Freakin' TIRED!!

Okay, so.  I have been up since 1:30 this morning. Not my idea. AT. ALL.  Tigger, also known as New Crackhaid Dawg, decided 1:30 was the perfect time to FREAK THE FUCK OUT IN HIS KENNEL.  I rolled over and mumbled "Hush Tigger". He quieted down for a few minutes then started whining again. TWH jumps in at this point & sternly says "Tigger, shut up". He did and I happily was on the verge of returning to my blissful slumber when (I guess) Tigger started up again and TWH (practically) yelled "Tigger!!  HUSH!!" which jolted me awake and scared the ever loving shit out of me. THAT'S why I have been stumbling around all day on 3 hours sleep.  Thank God for Starcracks!!

Needless to say, I'm a little cranky. I also have an extra short tolerance for crap right now.
Here's what happened on the way home.
TWH: (Singing along with the radio) *mumble, mumble, blah, blah*
ME: What?? (Thinking he actually SAID something)
TWH: Huh??
Me: Did you say something??
TWH: Huh??
Me: You're being a dick.

I go to tan. I'm tanning because the ZDD Parade is fast approaching & brown fat looks better than white fat. If you need proof, look at uncooked VS cooked bacon & tell me which one is more appealing. See?? Brown fat is better.
I doze off in the tanning bed & my ass is slightly sunburned.

I come home, have some pizza, and am sitting down watching TV. I have one Dawg barking at me for no apparent reason & one Dawg chewing on me. I'm almost on the verge of tears and am powerless to stop ANY of this.

I'm drinking tea. I'm watching ONE show on the DVR and I'm going to BED!!

Longest. Day. EV-ER!!


  1. Laughing - too funny I have said for years that tanned fat is much more acceptable than white pale fat!

    Give the dog some Nyquil or a shot of whiskey tonight so you can sleep!

  2. I'm so sorry.
    BWWHAHAHAHAHAHAAA "...... and one dog chewing on me!"
    *muah* JulieU


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