Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Alas, Poor Bill

Okay, so. Yesterday my phone chimes indicating a text message. I pick up my phone and see that it's some stupid, spammy text, with nothing but a link. I'm sure it was some magic potion that would make my boobs bigger or my ass smaller but I just wasn't interested. I texted back STOP, like you're supposed to do. Only to have it bounce back as being a "rejected message".  Of course, to my joy and wonderment, there's an EMAIL ADDRESS. Oh yes folks, poor Bill@ **********.net left me with an alternate way to contact him. So I did. The email looked something like this:
To: bill@**********.net
From: ginger@*********.net

Subject: Leave Me the Fuck Alone!!!!

The body of the text read simply: I believe the subject line says it all.

As an added precaution, I also sent ANOTHER text that read Do. Not. Ever. Fucking. Text. Me. AGAIN!!!

That text didn't get sent back. Surprisingly.

Winning at alienating spammy texters.


  1. Aaaaaaaaaahahahahaha! Love this! Have you ever f*@ked with telemarketers with they call your cell?! By the time they hang up with me, they're peeing in their pants. Ah, fun times. Great blog honey!

  2. Textalkers - hate'em.
    Get 'em, Ginger!

  3. Love it!! Yay you!! And I'm totally doing this!

  4. Direct and to the point. What's not to love? Heeeheeeheeeeee

    You've got an award:


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