Friday, March 2, 2012

I Gots Me ANOTHER Award!!

Okay, so. Jo over at The Bright Yellow Balloon up and gave me another award. Now I'll have TWO pins to make up & wear around to attest to my quasi-awesomeness.  You think I'm kidding. I'm totally not. Imma pin them to my Juanita the Weasel apron for the SPQ Big Hat Luncheon later this month. Look for them in the pictures. They'll be on either side of Juanita.

Anyways....   This is the Award Darlin' Jo gave me:

It originated with Ach du Lieber and it's specifically awarded to people who have under 200 followers.  200..... I can't even imagine...
Of course, every Award has RULES (except the one Jo's gonna make. It's gonna be all anti-rules) so here goes:

1: Link back to the Blogger who gave the Award to you.  Check!!
2: Give this Award to five other Bloggers.
3: Post this on your Blog & follow the rules.

That's it!!  Those are ALL the rules!! Woo Hoo!!

First, Edith MyRant.  She is a single Mom, a Derby Girl (which is cool as hell & intimidating all at once) and a fellow Mommy Blogger. What else could you want??

Second My Suitcase Full of Tricks. Ali is a sassy, funny, skinny(but I can totally forgive her for it) Mom who puts herself out there. Amazingly, she does it without swearing. I KNOW!!

Third The Jamie/Jill Big Ass Cooking Project  This girl seems to be cooking up EVERY recipe from The Sweet Potato Queens Big Ass Cookbook (And Financial Planner). How can you go wrong??  Really??

Fourth Oblong Agenda My friend Julie turned me on to her. Her tagline is "A Journal of My Life Because I Can't Remember Shit". How can you NOT read that blog??

Fifth MamaNeeds1 RefillPlease She's on the same teenage daughter funcoaster. She has a sister who's (apparently) the biggest PITA to ever live. She's a wine lover & a photographer. She has more patience than I could EVER muster.

I've gotta say, I don't follow a TON of Blogs. I have no idea what'll happen if I get any more Awards. I'm fast running out of people to pass them on to.  I'm sure I'll think of something.

Thanks again for the love Jo.  I've said this before. You ROCK!!


  1. Oh MY! I feel like I'm watching academy awards and the winner - Ginger - is mentioning me - lil ol moi!
    p.s. Hopefully Jamie will be here for SPQ weekend and you can meet each other!

  2. Oh, now I'm all jealous that you're wearing a Juanita Weasel apron to the Luncheon.....I wanna see pics!

    You're welcome, this was a well-earned award! (And I LOVE the pink of your blog, the more pink the better!)

  3. Jo, I've got some ribbon & rhinestones to put on it before I wear it. I got the plain white one & I need to dress it up a little. I hope the alteration people don't mind the apron screaming the word "Motherfucking" at them while they work on it!!

    I'm glad you like the new layout!! I was afraid it would be too much.

  4. Hey! Congratulations!! Don't know how I missed this post! I think we should make videos of ourselves in designer gowns accepting our awards! Like I'd have "Rainman" ask me who I'm wearing and I'd be like, JC Penny, Kohl's, Target.. My jewelry would be made of macaroni by my own personal jewelry designers Seth & Aidan (my grandsons.) - It's worth a thought. :D


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