Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WTF Wednesday (A Rant)

Okay, so.  I've mentioned before that I live in South Louisiana.  Recently, (as in the last year or so) we've had some major interstate construction going on.  As the construction has continued, the accidents have gotten worse. They are now happening at 1-2 times a week. Always during rush hour (morning & evening). They almost always involve 18 wheelers. They almost always shut down the ENTIRE interstate. It's a fucking nightmare.
A few weeks ago, my friend Missy commented on FB about how big a pain in the ass these accidents & their frequency were becoming. I commented that these 18 wheeler drivers had to pass a test so presumably they were literate & therefore able to read the big, flashing signs warning them that lane shifts and lower speed zones were ahead and act accordingly.
I was SO wrong.
Fun fact: The driving test can and will be administered to you in ANY LANGUAGE YOU REQUEST. I find this somewhat mind boggling because if you can't speak or read English, how in the HELL are you going to read a sign telling you important shit like Slow. The. Fuck. Down??  Seriously?!?!  These guys are driving big assed trucks that weigh TONS upon TONS, yakking on their cell phones, whizzing down the interstate, and very possibly cant speak or read  English. What kind of Dumbfuckery is THAT!?!!?
Way to go DMV. Another win for you guys!!


  1. They prolly don't use CBs anymore, but back when they did - listening to them was enough to keep you far far away from them - some of them truly believe the interstate is there for their sole use and all cars should be banned.
    That's the English speaking ones too!
    Before they enter the on ramp they should have to pass a test in reading signs - and they should have a major atty-tood adjustment.
    Don't even get me going on all the other idiots on the interstate - like the ones who think "Yield" means that when someone is driving at 70 mph down the interstate they should slam on their brakes to let you in......
    Get some good music (or a lesson in another language so you can swear at the idiots) and enjoy the ride. (ya, enjoy - all you can do is make it as fun as you possibly can).

  2. My husband was an OTR driver for 20+ yrs. Never had an accident involving another vehicle but avoided plenty by going off of the road because cars foolishly pull out in front of these semi's not realizing that it takes time to break those big rigs. It's def. not like slamming on the breaks in a car. Because semi's are so big and so heavy they need A LOT of room on the road and unless they are owner operated, their speed is set anywhere between 60 and 65, they couldn't go any faster if they wanted to. I know there are a lot of jackass drivers out there but there are a lot of good, safe ones out there too. They don't want to get into an accident any more than anyone else does, their driving is their livlihood, accidents count against them and none of them want an injury or death on their minds..
    Just the flip side to the assholes..

  3. Mimi, I have come across many a polite, helpful trucker in my day. I even had one help me annoy the shit out of a jackhole driver once. He was laughing his ass of when I finally passed him. I'm talking about the ones that I see now yakking away on their cell phones while damn near running over other motorists. With the construction going on around here, there's a good sized "S" curve created by the barricades. There are signs every 1/2 mile or so for TWO MILES before the curve TELLING MOTORISTS that the curve is coming. Yet somehow, weekly, the interstate is shut down because an 18 wheeler is overturned in that curve blocking one or both sides of the interstate. It's crazy making and could probably be avoided if they were paying attention or could read the language. (That's the part I found the most mind blowing.)
    God love your husband for doing what he had to do to keep others safe from their own stupidity. I know that wasn't always the safest option for him, personally but he did it.

  4. DUMBFUCKERY. - this is officially my new favorite word and I will spend from now to eternity using it as often as possible! Thank you for introducing me to this word you are now officially my favorite!

  5. Jent, glad I could help expand your vocabulary!! That's one of my favorite words too!!


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