Friday, March 2, 2012

I Just Went & Gussied Up My Blog

Okay, so.  I got tired of my Blog looking so, well, STANDARD.  When I set this thing up, I did it quick, fast, and in a hurry with no thought toward the overall look of the thing.  I just wanted to write a blog. I didn't worry about making it pretty.
In MY opinion, it's pretty now.  Yes, it's pink. It's PINK. PIIIINNNNKKKK!!  Sue me, I like Pink. Besides, how disarming is the word "Fuck" amongst all this Pinkiness??  See??  You didn't even see it coming. Okay, you've been here before so maybe you were looking for it. Maybe it will disarm the Newbies.
Anyways, tell me what you think. Too much??  Too little?? Totally nailed it??
I really wanna know. I won't call you a Fuckwad or anything. I promise.


  1. Lovin' the look of the blog. Lovin' you more. See you soonest !!!

  2. Thanks Scott!! Can't wait to see Ya!! Luv Ya the Mostest!!

  3. Luv the pink! Weird.. I just changed my desktop to pink! - Great, twisted, fucking minds think alike!

  4. It's not PINK.... it's PANK!!! Love it. Fucking Love IT!

  5. It's a very wake-up, you don't even need coffee color.
    See you in nineteen days! woo hoo!


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