Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I. Am. The. Worst. Mom. EVER. (Part Two)

Okay, so. In another epic parenting fail I forgot my son at school today. See, he's in the school band. He plays the Trombone for the Concert Band (7th grade). The school is participating in a Band Festival next week and his teacher has asked him to play the percussion for the Symphonic Band (8th grade). This means that his practices went from a couple of times a week to EVERY DAY.  Last night TWH & I were discussing who picked up TB when and we came to the conclusion that TWH was going to pick him up. Except we didn't, apparently.
I'm with a client today when my phone rings. I answer it to hear TB on the other end piteously asking me if anyone was picking him up today. Oh. My. God!!!  I HAVE FORGOTTEN MY CHILD AT SCHOOL!! More accurately, TWH forgot TB at school. I frantically phoned TWH asking him Where. In. The. Hell. He. Was.  TWH seemed to be under the impression that I was picking TB up from school.
Once I ascertained that TWH was, in fact, on his way to retrieve our child, I got back on the phone to reassure TB that a parental type person was on the way.  TB at that point wanted to know what HE was supposed to do in the interim, how long it was gonna take, and what would happen if his teacher had to leave.  Now he's just starting to milk it.  I tell him to see if his teacher could bring him home. TB turns away from the phone and I hear him ask, in the best "Oliver" impression in the last decade, if his teacher could PLEASE bring him home because his PARENTS forgot him.  At this point, his teacher gets on the phone and I have to explain that TWH & I are both big ol' dumbasses who can't remember when in the hell we're supposed to get our kid and could he PLEASE do us a solid and give our kid a ride home. He agreed (Thankfully) and TB made it home in one piece.
My only consolation in all of this is that we only forgot OUR child. Some days we give TB's bestie a ride home too. Thankfully, this was NOT one of those days.


  1. It's not funny but it is.. And.. Not fessing up here or anything but I'm sure you're not alone but be forewarned I hear you never live those moments down.. Grown kids in their 20's talkin' smack about the ONE time you forgot them, when in fact you didn't, it was their dad.. It's at those times I remind the children.. Or I would remind them.. Of all the times I was there, on time, EVERY time.. Not that I would know.. ;)
    And PS - You're not the worst mom ever.

    1. Oh, I'm sure six months from now, TB will want something and he'll pull out the Big Eyes and say "Remember that time you guys forgot me at school??" as part of his argument for why he should have it.

  2. Six months? Oh no, it will be much sooner than that and it will last a life time.. Or so I've heard.. Lol.. The growing bumps of Mom-hood.

  3. Oh, well. It happens. Get the teacher a nice end-of-the-year gift ;) You'll laugh about this soon. Maybe you did already?!


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