Saturday, March 3, 2012

THIS Is Why TWH & I Work

Okay, so.  Monday one of my Personal Heroes, The Bloggess finally let go of her obsession with Nathan Fillion holding twine and JOKINGLY asked for a picture of Jeri L. Ryan holding a spatula which, of course, she got. Along with fifty gajillion pictures of her Minions holding spatulas. I read this post to TWH while we were in the car. He sighed heavily and said, "Do you need to send her a picture of you holding a spatula??". I told him no, I could continue my life (albeit a diminished one) without contributing to the influx of spatula pictures.

Fast forward a few hours. TWH is making dinner & I'm reading to him from my phone AGAIN about The Bloggess getting her wish. TWH (faux) grudgingly said "Fine. HERE." and posed for THIS photo.

                                                      TWH with TB's Darth Vader spatula.

This??  This right here?? THIS is why TWH & I work.  He GETS ME.  All of me. The crazy parts. The scared parts. Even the dark & twisty parts.  I wouldn't trade him for anything.


  1. BRAVO! I applaud your TWH!

    (You didn't even have to make The Promise, did you?)

  2. Very nice!
    And LOVE the pink!

  3. That is awesome!!!


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