Sunday, March 18, 2012

Counting Down to SPQ Weekend

Okay, so. In Just a few short days (Thursday) I will be headed to Jackson.  I started packing today because I have a shit ton of stuff to take with me. I have costumes for Friday, Saturday, & Sunday along with accessories & Hurr (wigs) for each one.  When I started unloading my closet, it looked like this:

This is a King-sized bed COVERED in Parade stuff

I managed to stuff just about all of it into 3 plastic bins. I swear, one of these bins is nothing but shoes & hurr!!

Packed up & ready to go (mostly)

I did all this, and a few loads of laundry, and some other stuff, wearing THESE...

My FMPs. Gonna be in a pair similar for most of Friday. Gotta get used to 'em!!

I am walking around in a pair of running shorts, a "Cake or Death??" t-shirt and my FMPs. That's gonna be my at-home outfit for the next few days.  I'll either be hobbled or able to wear them forever.

Bring on the weekend!!  My ass is READY!!!


  1. Oh my - I am going to be soooooooo Under-dressed!
    Cannot WAIT to see you!

  2. I am intrigued and disturbed all at the same time - I . . . just have no more words . . . just lots of questions as to what the hell you are talking about??????

  3. You MUST provide pictures of this event! I have NO idea what this is all about, as I suspect, most of America does not but wigs and FMP's?? I'm in! So when you get back spill it! We want details and pics!

  4. Don't forget your jewry!!! See you in the big house Thursday night!

    1. I've got a whole BIG box of Jewry coming with me!!

  5. I'm so jel-azz. I wanna hear about it!!!

  6. omg!!! I cannot wait to see more pics...


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