Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adventures in Margaritas

Okay, so. TWH & I are originally from this tiiiiiiiiinnnnyyyy little town in north Louisiana. This town is dry. I shit you not. After I have no idea how many years of hard fought council meetings and such, the Pizza places were finally allowed to serve BEER. Yep we're progressive as hell here in the Bible Belt.
My hometown being dry led to the existence of a small town (I think it was ACTUALLY a village) called Dixie Inn. Dixie Inn was a red light, 4 liquor stores, and a Hamburger Happiness when we were growing up.(It's that and a couple of restaurants now) It's just outside the city limits and it's sole purpose is to make sure the citizens of my small town can get liquored up at will.  Many a high school weekend began with us pooling our money and driving out to Dixie Inn to procure the finest Boones Farm and Budweiser had to offer.
When we went back to our hometown for Easter a few weeks ago, I took the opportunity to meet up with a girlfriend I hadn't seen since high school. We agreed to meet at a Mexican restaurant there in D.I.  TWH & I got there early. (Side note: TWH was there mostly because his folks sold their house in town and moved out to their place on the Lake Claiborne which is 40 minutes or better from anywhere and I have no idea how to get to or from there. In another 5 years or so, I may be able to do it on my own but it's still new and I'd wind up in Arkansas if I tried to make the trip myself)  Anyways, we went in & got a table. We decided to have a drink while we waited. Our server came by and we both ordered a Top Shelf Margarita on the Rocks. And a water. Ya gotta stay hydrated.  Our server turned to go then paused. She turned around and asked "Top Shelf... You mean Patron right??". We said yes, indeed, that's what we meant by Top Shelf and server girl very nearly SKIPPED off to the bar. I asked TWH "Is it just me or does Server Chickie seem a little extra excited about our drink order?". TWH said he figured they'd probably had that bottle of Patron for YEARS and they were gonna have to dust it off and break the seal on it to make our drinks. I'm surprised there wasn't a band.

P.S. TWH says that if I keep blogging/tweeting about drinking that people are gonna be surprised when they meet me & I'm sober.

P.P.S. I argued that, conversely, if they ever meet me and I'm shitfaced they'll think it's par for the course.

It's kind of a win-win don't ya think??


  1. There should be more horror stories surrounding the theme of "dry counties". Shudder.

  2. i meant horror *movies!


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