Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Work With a Man

Okay, so. I work with a man. it has its pitfalls. Like this, for example.
Yes. It's the new roll ON TOP of the old roll!!
I took a this picture a couple of weeks ago and Tweeted it along with the caption "I work with a man".  I fixed the roll, griped at T, then continued my day.
T is not easily taught. Of course, this is a NEW development. Maybe he's devolving or something because today it happened AGAIN. I decided to take action.
I grabbed a sharpie and wrote the following on the EMPTY roll:
Really?!? Just fucking REALLY!?!?!
How hard is it to put the NEW ROLL on the HOLDER?!?!
Stop being an asshole and perform that EXTRA STEP already!!!

Yes, I really managed to fit all of that on the empty roll. There's a surprising amount of space on them.
If that doesn't work, I'm taking a page out of The Bloggess' book and investing in a shit ton of post-it's.

That'll fix his ass.


  1. Hahahahaha! So much nicer than me. I would've put a roll of duct tape in there and wrote "your roll" on it.
    Sadly I have the same issues living with boys! Obviously they never learn.

    1. Oh, Mimi!! I was so hoping there was still hope!!

  2. Nice work squeezing that all in on the roll!! And I appreciate the fact that you would have a sharpie with you in the bathroom. I love sharpies.

    1. It was a fine point sharpie. THAT'S why I managed to get all that on the roll. Sharpies are a must-have!!


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