Monday, April 2, 2012

I Am a Bad Example

Okay, so. This weekend we went up to North Mississippi for Miss A's Sixteenth Birthday Party. Of course, there were BOYS there. Oh how I miss the days of Barbie birthday parties where all the little girls came in their little dresses. They were so much easier.
But I digress. Most of the boys there were part of a COUPLE. Fine, whatever. How bad can it be?? Right??
Stop snickering at my ignorance please.
Oh. Dear. Lawd!!  Who told these children it was okay to hang all over each other like a cheap sweater??  Every time we stood in line for something, they were pressed up against one another like they were STUCK THAT WAY!! Jebus. Something had to be done.
I finally go up to the group and announce "Alright. We're about to go all Old School Catholic Dance here. Leave Room for The Holy Ghost."  Of course, they listened and jumped a respectful distance apart....  NOT.
They did what teens do. They argued. Even TB who, as far as I know, doesn't even HAVE a girlfriend yet decided to join the fray.  I, of course, did what every good parent would do. I explained our stand on the issue.  "Look. Hanging all over each other is just TACKY. You look low class. You're together, great. You wanna hold hands, great. You wanna act like someone stuck your privates together with glue. Not. Great."  Then I decided to give them a visual. "How would it be if I ran over to Dad and was all (insert squinchy faced air grabby bump & grind here)". They were all mortified. Poor Miss A.  She looked at all her friends and said "Sooooo...  You met my Mom...."
It. Worked. Like. A. Charm.   For the rest of the night, whenever I saw two kids look like they were about to go all PDA I'd yell "Do you need to see exhibit A again??". They'd jump like someone poured cold water all over them.
This just goes to prove, you can listen to me the FIRST time, or I can go that ONE step further to make my point. I'm obviously willing to.


  1. LOL! I loved this!!! You are so my kinda woman!!! haha All I can say is YOU GO! I would have loved to have been there....would just have been hoping I didn't have n e pop in my mouth as the scene that would have displayed may have taken away from your display!!!

    1. Thanks!! You have to lay A LOT of groundwork to embarrass your kids this thoroughly. Lol!!

  2. Do you have ANY idea how much I love you !!!! THIS is priceless and PERFECTION !

  3. OMG, that is hilarious!! I can just visualize the looks on their faces!! LOLOLOLOL


  4. I LOVE YOU (but not in a stick our parts together kinda way-ewwww).
    I love that you love these kids enough to do that!
    There is nothing funnier than someone who doesn't get embarrassed.

  5. THAT is an AWESOME display of parenting! - I think it makes up for forgetting your kid a few posts back. ;) - Parents getting even remotely close to one another is always a room clearing experience. We do it often here.. Gives us our space. ;)
    Great job Mouthy! You're an awesome Mom!

  6. Aaaaaand....YOUR parenting style for the WIN!!!

  7. hahaha YES. The only way to truly get the point across! And, while you were at it, a good story.


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