Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dude..... UGH!!!

Okay, so. I've mentioned before that I work in a Barber Shop. I see Male People all day EVERY DAY. I see these super-cute, meticulously dressed guys come in the shop with THE nastiest feet EV-ER!!
Really Fellas!?! You go to the gym. You shop all A&F, Hollister, whatever. You have those stupid looking white Oakleys. Aaaaannnnnddddd... you have nasty, un-groomed, Sasquatch feet.  I'm amazed you don't click on the tile when you walk. Did you think no one would notice your flip-flop clad feet were crusty, hairy, and disgusting??
There's no shame in a pedicure guys. None. At. All.
Consider it a public service if it makes you feel better.
It'll keep ME from throwing up in my mouth ALL. Damn. Summer.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!! I won't even comment about "Rainman's" hooves..

  2. Ha!! I have been slacking on my blog reading and I popped in to read and you did not let me down!! Hahahaha.

  3. Hahah click as you walk?! Hilarious. Some people have MUCH worse feet than others, that without a pedicure just... are horrible. How can they not know? I'm so glad my husband has nice looking feet, naturally!


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