Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Think T is Trying to Kill Me

Okay, so. T & I are going to lunch. He usually drives because my driving scares the shit out of him. That, and he usually knows where in the hell he's going. I am hopelessly Directionally Challenged.
Anyway, I go to get in T's truck. I open the door, put my foot on the running board, AND DAMN NEAR SLIDE OFF.
Me: What in the hell did you do to your running boards??
T: I cleaned my truck yesterday.
Me: Did you OIL them or something??
T: I put Armor-All on all my black. (His words, Hand-to-God)
Me: So you DID oil your running boards.
T: They're a little slick, I guess.

We arrive at out lunch destination. I grab a handful of napkins and wipe down the running board on my side of the truck. So I don't die.
T: What the hell are you DOING??
Me: Wiping the oil off. You're just gonna have to think of some other, less obvious way to kill me off.
T: ??
Me: I know this is payback for the toilet paper roll last week. You're gonna hafta try harder. Bastid.
T: Oh Jesus...

I'm relating this story to TWH on the way home. I told him it was a damn good thing I DIDN'T bust my ass because my last words to T, before I lost consciousness, would have been "You're paying for this!!". TWH said "No. Your last words would have been "You're fucking paying for this!!"

I Love that man!!


  1. Hahahahaha! It's funny but it's not but it IS!!!! I am happy that you didn't get hurt tho. :) And who the hell armor all's running boards???

  2. I love how you make me smile!!!!!!

  3. Hilarious. Sounds like you and T have a good working relationship. Glad you didn't fall on your ass and slip a disc.

    1. TWH actually refers to T as my "Work Husband". We've been working together for 13 years. He's learning. Slowly.

  4. HA!!! This reminds me of the time I went away for a week and Jay decides to 'clean house'. He put Murphy oil on the stairs, The STAIRS, for God's sake - who does that? Yes, I did fall down them - TWICE- and sprained an ankle.

    1. Well, bless his heart, he was just trying to help!! Hate that his "helping" caused you a sprained ankle though!!


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