Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hurricane Malaise

Okay, so.  We're STILL waiting on Hurricane Issac.  I've gone from kind of nervous to flat-out bored.  I have dubbed this Hurricane Malaise.  I keep thinking about all the crap I COULD be doing around here with the two free days I have found myself with.

I keep thinking "Hey!!  We could re-hang the mantle!!  No, SHIT!!  TWH's drills are in the storage room."  I know that doesn't sound like any big deal but we piled ALL THE THINGS in front of the door to the storage room.  Then we parked my Jeep in front of all THAT stuff.  There is NO running out and grabbing something.  At. All.

I woke up and told TWH this morning  "Y'know, I didn't prepare for this for shit.  I could have had the cabinets painted, the mantle re-hung, and the shelf put back up above the bench. As it stands, I'm not doing jack shit".  TWH reminded me that he suggested we leave some stuff in the house but none of it was stuff I was gonna use.  I need stuff for NEW projects. Not ones I've finished.

So I have Hurricane Malaise.  I am wandering around the house, trying to find shit to do.  I'm bored out of my skull.

I guess I can go clean the bathroom.  AGAIN.

Then maybe a nap.

This waiting for a hurricane stuff is HARD!!


  1. Well, I for one hope you have to wait for nothing and it never even hits you! Sorry, I know you're bored. But, look at the bright side - - you will have the cleanest bathroom in town!!

  2. Hope it comes and goes soon! It sucks when you realize just how unprepared you are for the boredom :(


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