Thursday, August 9, 2012


Okay, so.  You go on vacation, you bring back souvenirs.  I personally prefer magnets. My refrigerator is COVERED in magnets I have picked up on my travels.

Sometimes, when your friends go on vacation, they'll bring you back a little something. Just because they saw something they knew you'd appreciate.

My friend Lann went on vacation to North Carolina with his family and brought me THIS:

It's my Travel Chicken!!  My client/friend Michael helped me name it. We named it Oprah. Because as my TC, it's gonna be freakin' EVERYWHERE!!  Much like Oprah.  Lann said we have to pronounce it "Ofrah" with a British accent a la Austin Powers.

THEN, because my friends weren't already awesome enough, Dwayne went on vacation with HIS family to Tennessee,  (Yes, I know a lot of guys. I work in a barber shop for fuck's sake.) and brought me THIS:

Gen-u-ine Apple Pie Moonshine!! Whoo Lawdy that stuff is GOOD!!  He said they're about to start selling at Sam's Club. I may turn into a full-on drunk if they do.

Metal Chickens & Booze.  It's enough to make a gal kinda weepy. If I did that kind of shit.


  1. HA! That chicken is damn cute, and I want a shot of that Moonshine!

  2. Love the shagadelic baby!!! When we 1st moved up here in the MTNs our neighbor does the apple moonshine, the smell got me buzzed, but I do not think he lets his ferment woowee!! I had to swear off the smelling...or beat the hubs ass because i am so an ugly drunk when it comes to the hard stuff LOL

  3. ... and in keeping with Austin (OMGOSH! I said Austin) Powers and "oFrah" your travel chicken is a mini-me of Beyonce.


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