Sunday, August 26, 2012

There's a Hurricane a Comin'

Okay, so.  I live in SOLA (South Louisiana) and there's a hurricane coming.  I knew there was a hurricane tracking into the Gulf of Mexico but until TODAY, I didn't realize it was HEADED RIGHT FOR US.

We went into the Home Depot once yesterday and twice today and it wasn't until our SECOND trip today, after I saw no less than FIVE people walking out of the store with portable air conditioner units on those little flatbed hand trolley thingies that it hit me.  The Home Depot was PACKED.  So I brilliantly asked the lady behind the counter "Has the Hurricane tracked further west since yesterday??".  She looked at me like I was stupid for a second before she replied "As of 10:30 this morning, it was headed right for New Orleans".  Typically, when there's a storm in the Gulf, I live and die by The Weather Channel but we're STILL working on our kitchen and I had it in my head that THIS was the weekend that I BY GAWD got the upper cabinets painted.  Those fucking things have been a huge pain in the ass and I'm sick to death of plastic cups, plates, & cutlery.  I used a real fork tonight for the first time in a week and I can honestly say I was GIDDY with joy.  GIDDY I say!!

Needless to say, I hardly watched ANY television, much less The Weather Channel.  I of course, hopped right on my laptop when I got home and began looking at the latitude and longitude of the storm (N.O. is 30 & 90 BTW) and all the potential tracks for the storm.  Sure enough, we're right in the MIDDLE of what I term "The Cone of Doom".

As I painted the rest of my cabinets this afternoon, in the bright sunshine, one thing kept going through my head. It was a take of the song the Billy Goat sang in Hoodwinked.

"There's a Hurricane a comin' and I do not feel prepared"

Guess I'll make sure we all have clean underwear & a full tank of gas should we have to get the hell out of dodge.

Like I'm gonna stick around for that shit!!

We're SO gonna spend a week at Camp Grandma & Grandpa lounging in the pool.


  1. Oh no!!! I will hope and pray it peters out before it hits you guys! If not I will be hoping you are lounging by that pool. ((((hugs))))

    1. Thanks Mama Pants. We're looking at a Cat. 1 right now. Kinda like a bad thunderstorm on steroids.

  2. Got you in my prayers :] be safe
    p.s. what is the purpose of clean underwear in a hurricane? (no looking at me like the gal in Home Depot now) LOL

    1. Janice, the clean underpants are for the fleeing. Well, not fleeing, exactly. If we lose power for an indefinite period, we'll have to leave. TB has asthma & TWH has a C-PAP machine so we HAVE to have power.

  3. So you guys down there treat hurricanes like we treat huge blizzards up here in New England huh?

    They're buying ACs down there, we're buying sleds and snow tubes.

    1. Pretty much. It's funny, when I lived on the East Coast (VA), if there was gonna be snow, everyone mobbed the store and bought bread, milk, & toilet paper. Here, we get a hurricane and everyone mobs the stores to buy bottled water, batteries, and generators.
      Need gas?? Fuggetaboutit!! Lines wrap around stations!!


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