Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY Meltdown

Okay, so.  We want to sell our house.  In order to sell our house, we need to do some updating.  The key word there being WE.  Not "We need to HAVE some updating done".  "WE need to do some updating".  You see the distinction??

We redid the counter tops in the kitchen. In order to take off the Formica counter tops, we had to take down the upper cabinets because the folks who did the kitchen originally thought Formica would make an AWESOME back-splash and when they were done, they mounted the cabinets over the Formica. They also mounted the cabinets off center for the openings for the stove and refrigerator. So they had to come down anyway.
Cabinets & counter tops GONE

I now have boxes of dishes, cabinets, cabinet doors and everything off the counter tops taking over my dining room & living room.  I just got done cleaning AROUND the piles because the Dawgs still shed like crazy and we still track stuff in the house.
My DIY mess & the Crackhaid Dawg

Yes, this IS in front of my fireplace. On TOP of a newly painted cabinet.

I am about to lose my shit.  I can't really, because this was pretty much all my idea, but still...

My bedroom is nice and neat.  Maybe I'll just hide out in there for the next few weeks...

Is it wrong to hope (not really) that a tree falls on my house during the hurricane??  At least THEN all this would be someone else's problem.

I have to go move some boxes now.  I just spotted a small fur drift I need to vacuum up.


  1. You need to start packing up your stuff and the dawgs and head north. STAT

  2. YAY! Thanks. I don't envy you for ONE SECOND!


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