Saturday, September 3, 2011

Be Afraid... Be VERY Afraid

Okay, so. I've just started telling clients that I have a blog and a little of what it's about.  They look at me with a mixture of interest & fear. Interest, because hey, I've started a blog. Fear, because the filter between my brain & mouth is virtually non-existent and I have NO personal boundaries whatsoever. I understand "Personal Space". I guard mine as fiercely as the next person. I do not, however, fully grasp the concept of where the line between my "Telling Tales", and TMI exists. There have been several times when TWH has proofread my posts and said "Do you REALLY want to put that out there??". My response is usually "What?? Too much??".  After some discussion, he usually convinces me that maybe I don't want people to know about my current health issues, or why I have a stash of antibiotics. That maybe I don't want to be too specific about locations, my neighbors, etc.  All of this is to say that I GET why people look afraid when I tell them I have a blog. It's obviously with good reason. Maybe this blog will help me establish those boundaries...  Or maybe I'll just piss off all but the very best of my friends and those individuals that get my particular level of "Wrongedy-wrong" and love me for it. We shall see. Until then, be afraid people, be VERY afraid!!  Mwahahahahahahaha!!

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  1. We are so alike in the whole "having no filter" thing. But my friends and family who know me well accept me for it and find my blog entertaining (or so they say). So blog away woman! It's yours to do with what you want, and I'm sure those that love ya will enjoy it!


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