Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Okay, so. I have discovered Twitter. I know, It's been around FOR-EVER but I just now really started messing with it. And it's like Word Crack. I linked it to my FB and now I can put whatever stomps through my head out there almost IMMEDIATELY. This may not be the best idea....but it's too late now. I am not about to undo it. I figure if people don't like it, they can just skip over it. Or leave me rude comments. Whatever. However, some of my clients have come in and questioned me about my posts lately. Most of them just repeat whatever I put out there, and either laugh & shake their heads or just tell me "You're NOT RIGHT". I am well aware that I'm "Not Right". I have embraced my Not Right-ness and am happy with it. Some clients, however, want me to explain a post that MOST people (with a brain) thought was snarky, funny, or both. I have tried to explain these, on occasion, only to be met with a blank stare. Or, God Forbid, questions asked in earnest that there's no way in HELL I can begin to answer. I usually just end with a frustrated "Oh, just, NEVER MIND!!" and relegate them to the "Doesn't Get It" file. Like they say "If you have to ASK"...

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