Monday, September 26, 2011

This is SO Happening!!

Okay, so. TWH keeps trying to get out of buying me my Giant Metal Chicken (Thank you The Bloggess for THAT idea). I finally told him tonight "You can either buy me the G.M.C. or a Puppy". TWH looked at me in absolute confusion before asking simply "WHAT??"  I told him "You heard me. Chicken or Puppy". See, my strategy here is to think of something he would find more objectionable than a Giant Metal Chicken and offer THAT as an alternative. Since TWH mentioned just yesterday that he most definitely does NOT want another Dawg, I figured that would be the way to go. TWH asked me "So, what are you gonna do if I show up with a puppy on Friday??". I responded with "Name it Edsel (The Crackhaid Dawg's actual name is Bentley) and then go buy my own damn chicken!!" I can't lose here. Poor TWH, on the other hand, is screwed!!

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