Friday, September 9, 2011

The Way I See it

Okay, so. TWH & I are getting ready for bed last night.  TWH is brushing his teeth when I look at him and ask "So, just how are you gonna sneak Gwenyth into the shop without me knowing it??".  TWH just stopped, spit, stared at me for a second before asking me "Just HOW does this go, in YOUR head??"  I tell him "I go into the shop on my birthday & there's Gwenyth festooned with balloons, holding my other gift(s) in her beak with you standing there beside her. Of course, I'll be perfectly happy coming home from work to find her on the front porch looking like that. Then The Boy can be there too."  He gave me that look he saves for when he's at an absolute loss for words and left the bathroom. I'm thinking he'll go with plan "B".

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