Thursday, September 29, 2011

He Is SO My Son!!

Okay, so. I'm sitting at my laptop looking at photos of puppy dogs on a local shelter's website. Since I threatened TWH with a puppy if I didn't get my Giant Metal Chicken tomorrow, I thought a little research wouldn't hurt. I get to a photo of a puppy who falls into the "He's-so-ugly-he's-cute" category and show it to TB & TWH, who had just walked in from soccer practice. Here's how that conversation went.

TWH: What are you doing??
Me: Looking at pictures of puppy dogs on this website that need to be rescued.
TWH: WHY?? Why do you do that to yourself??
ME: Because!! They're sweet and The Crackhaid Dawg's soul mate might be in here somewhere. Here, I found this one. He could be our Edsel.
TB: (Looking over my shoulder) What's an Edsel??
Me: Another car. We have a theme here y'know.
TB: Are we getting another dog??
TWH: Your mom said if she doesn't get her Chicken, she's getting another dog
TB (To the Crackhaid Dawg): You hear that Bentley??  You're getting REPLACED!!
TWH: Bahahahahahaahaha!!  That's so YOUR son!!

Now, I just have to fix it so I get the Chicken AND #2 Dawg...

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