Sunday, September 4, 2011


Okay, so. My horrible Cupcake Addiction has finally caught up to me. I need to exercise. And probably diet. But definitely exercise. My Emergency Fat Pants have become part of the everyday rotation & my former "Everyday" jeans usually have the top button undone under my belt after lunch. (Sad but true) I am bordering on the edge of Colossal Fatass-dom here. This WILL NOT do. Not to mention that, due to my repeated attempts at sports, my knees are about a hundred and this extra weight makes them kinda hurt. So, tomorrow I am gonna dust off my running shoes, load up Couch to 5K, move all my clothes off my treadmill (or Dreadmill, if you will) and make it my bitch. How many days do you think I can re-do Day 1 before the little automated voice begins to laugh at me and say things like "Really, Fatass?? Are you even gonna TRY day 2??". I suppose I'll find out...  Day 1 for a month has GOT to be better than nothing right??  RIGHT??


  1. Hey, at least your attempting to even start an exercise program, that's the hard part! Baby steps girl!

  2. Hey you are MUCH further into the program than I am!!! I have the app on my phone and my iPod and haven't even opened the app to start Day 1!


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